Dr. Barry Cooper and Beethoven’s 10th Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Ludwig van Beethoven is known today by music lovers and the general public as the composer of the 5th Symphony and the 9th Symphony with its ‘Ode to Joy.’

Beethoven was a fussy composer.  Often he would be working on several compositions at the same time.  Scholars know about his compositional methods because they have sketch books full of compositions in varying stages of completion.

In the 1970s Beethoven scholars found sketches of an ‘unfinished’ symphony by Beethoven.  Beethoven had mentioned to a friend that he was working on a ‘new’ symphony.  Dr. Barry Cooper, an authority on Beethoven’s music has taken the sketches of the ‘new’ symphony and put them together.  He talks about how scholars discovered the sketches and how he put them together.  Enjoy!

Here is the first part of the symphony performed by the City of Birmingham Orchestra conducted by Walter Weller.