Martin Weiss (jazz violinist) Them Their Eyes, After You’ve Gone, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

Martin Weiss is a jazz violinist, guitarist, and singer.  He is one of the top jazz violinists in the world.  Here he is playing three jazz standards:  “Them Their Eyes”, “After You’ve Gone”, and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.”

“Them Their Eyes” and “After You’ve Gone” are from the album Gipsy Celebration.  Martin Weiss is the violinist, Kussi Weiss is the solo guitarist, Tschabo Franzen is the rhythm guitarist, and Dietmar Osterburg is the bass player.

“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” is performed live by Martin Weiss and his group, the Martin Weiss World Sinti Jazz Ensemble at Luxembourg in April 2010.

I hope that you enjoy these upbeat performances of three great jazz standards.

Stuff Smith – You’se A Viper

Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith (1909-1967)

Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith, best known as Stuff Smith was an American jazz violinist. Stuff Smith was one of the great jazz violinists of the swing era (along with Stephane Grappelli, Eddie South, Svend Asmussen, and Joe Venuti). During his career, Stuff Smith worked with several great jazz musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Coleman Hawkins. Stuff Smith, like Louis Armstrong was a vocalist as well as an instrumentalist. It was Louis Armstrong who inspired and influenced Stuff Smith to play jazz.

One of the songs that Stuff Smith was well known for is “You’se A Viper.” Here is a recording of that song with Stuff Smith singing and playing the violin. Enjoy!