Michel Chapuis Improvisation of Prelude and Fugue

Michel Chapuis (1930 – )

Michel Chapuis is a well known French organist and pedagogue.  He studied organ with Marcel Dupre (who was one of the most famous organists of the 20th century, a fine teacher, and one of the greatest extemporizers of all time).  Michel Chapuis is renowned for his interpretations of French baroque and German baroque music.

Here is a recording of Michel Chapuis improvising a prelude and fugue in stylus phantasticus (a style of music that North German organists invented.  The music is full of sudden virtuosic flourishes and it is almost like a written out improvisation).  The prelude and fugue that Michel Chapuis is playing here is in a style similar to that of the North German organists during the baroque period.

The recording begins at 0:40.  Enjoy!

The Savior’s Triumph – Organ Improvisation by Gerre Hancock

Gerre Hancock (1934-2012) was an American organist, composer, and one of the great masters of improvisation on the organ.

Here is a recording of Gerre Hancock improvising on the organ.  It is one of a series of nine improvisations that is part of a program called “Praise the Eternal Light.”  The improvisations were inspired by the cathedral windows of the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford Conneticut where Gerre played for these recordings.

The recording of the improvisations is available from the webstore at http://www.proorgano.com.  Search for item #7233 and you will find it.