Confidencias – Ernesto Nazareth

Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934)

A Brazilian composer who is best known for the tangos that he wrote.  Nazareth also wrote waltzes and polkas.  He worked for a time as a pianist playing for silent films.  Nazareth’s tangoes and other music is full of beautiful melodies and infectious dance rhythms.  Ernesto Nazareth’s tangoes established him as one of the most influential Brazilian composers of the 20th century.

Confidencias means Confidences.  The piece is melancholy.  The title of the piece refers to lost opportunities in life.  This particular piece is a hesitation waltz.   I decided to post this piece because I want people to know about this composer (who I think is not as well known as he should be).  I also think this piece is very beautiful.

The pianist on this recording is  Iara Behs.  She is one of the foremost pianists in Brazil.  You can buy the recording of this piece and other pieces by Nazareth on  It is an excellent recording.  I have a copy of this recording and I highly recommend it.