Erroll Garner Trio – Reverie (1949)


Erroll Garner (c.1921/1923-1977)

Erroll Garner was an American jazz pianist and composer. He is most well known for his swing playing and jazz ballad playing. Of all the compositions he wrote, his most famous piece was ‘Misty’ which became a jazz standard. Garner had his own trio which he performed and recorded with. Here is a recording done in 1949 of a jazzy version of Claude Debussy’s Reverie (Dreaming) piece for solo piano. It is played by Erroll Garner and his trio.

For comparison, here is Debussy’s Reverie played the way it was originally composed by pianist Menahem Pressler.


Caplet: Reverie

Andre Caplet (1878-1925)

Andre Caplet was a French composer and conductor.  He is known today for his orchestrations of Claude Debussy’s works.  Claude Debussy was a friend of Andre Caplet and an important musical influence on him.

Reverie is a french word which means to dream.  This piece is very dreamy with its soft, sweet melody and flowing accompaniment like a cascading waterfall.

The piece is performed by Julie Scolnik on the flute, and Sophie Scolnik-Brower on the piano.  you can buy this recording at:

Debussy: Nocturne (1892)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) was a French composer and pianist.

Debussy was an important figure in music history who broke away from the popular methods of musical composition in the 19th century.  Debussy developed his own original concept of harmony and musical structure.  According to Debussy, each piece of music was its own sound world and not something that should be bound by strict rules.

Here is a recording of a Nocturne for piano by Debussy.

If you like the recording of this piece you can buy it on eMusic or iTunes.  You can also buy the complete cd which contains other piano works by Debussy including this piece.