Gypsy violinist Roby Lakatos – ‘Két Gitár’ (Music Show, ABC Radio National)

Roby Lakatos  is a Hungarian violinist who was born into a family of well-known gypsy violinists descended from Jano Bihari (known as the ‘King of Gypsy Violinists’).  Roby Lakatos is an incredible virtuoso on the violin and is also very versatile.  He can play any type of music (classical, jazz, gypsy music).  Roby is also a composer and arranger.  He has performed all over the world in various music festivals and halls in Europe, Asia, and America.  He has performed with several major orchestras, various groups of musicians, and his own ensemble.

Here are two recordings of Roby Lakatos performing live at a radio station with a pianist who is as virtuosic on the piano and Roby is on his violin.  The pianist’s name is Frantisek Janoska.