George Onslow – Piano Trio Op. 27

George Onslow (1784-1853)

George Onslow was a French composer and cellist of English descent. His music bridges the gap between the classical and romantic periods.

George Onslow composed a large body of chamber music. There are over 70 string quartets, some string quintets, and ten piano trios. George Onslow also composed four symphonies and four operas.

His music was popular in Germany and England during his lifetime. After his death, George Onslow went into obscurity. It is only in recent years that his music has begun to resurface.

Here is a recording of the Piano Trio, op.27 by George Onslow. It is played by a group called the Trio Cascades. The musicians are Thomas Palm (piano), Katrina Schulz (violin), and Inka Ehlert (cello).