George Gershwin: Someone To Watch Over Me (Marieke Koopman, Vocal; Ton Koopman, Harpsichord)

George Gershwin (1898-1937)

George Gershwin was an American pianist, composer, and painter. His most popular compositions include: Rhapsody and Blue, An American in Paris, Swanee, the opera Porgy and Bess, and the tune Summertime. Gershwin also composed many film scores. Several of his compositions became jazz standards. He died in 1937 of a malignant brain tumour.

Here is an unusual video clip of Gershwin’s “Someone To Watch Over Me” sung with harpsichord accompaniment. Marieke Koopman (who is a jazz singer) sings the tune, while her father (the famous organist, harpsichordist, and conductor Ton Koopman) accompanies her on the harpsichord. Ton Koopman has devoted his career to the study and performance of baroque music on historical instruments. He isn’t a jazz musician and a harpsichord doesn’t “support” a singer like a piano does. On a piano the note decays slower and less abrupt than on a harpsichord. On the harpsichord a string is plucked and the note dies right after it is played. The harpsichord also can not do subtle dynamics like a piano can. It sounds very different from what you would expect, but it was done for fun as an experiment. I hope that you enjoy watching it.


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