Tamezō Narita: Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Beach)

Tamezō Narita(1893-1945) was a Japanese composer of classical music. Today he is best known for his song Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Beach) which he composed in 1916. The song became popular among flute players in the West because of a recording that James Galway made in 1979. In 2007 the song was named one of the 100 best songs of Japan. It is still very popular today. Tamezō Narita was born in Akita, Japan and died in Tokyo, Japan.

Here is an arrangement of Hamabe no Uta for cello and piano played by cellist Masatoshi Hirano and pianist Maria Mikulić Śtimac. This is a very beautiful little piece. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.


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