Johann Strauss Sr. – Radetzky March played on the pipe organ

Johann Strauss Sr. (1804-1849)

Johann Strauss Sr. (1804-1849) was the first musician in his family to be famous for composing Viennese Waltzes and German Dances. During the 1830s and 1840s, Johann Strauss Sr. became one of the most famous dance composers in Vienna. With his own orchestra he toured France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England and Scotland. In 1845 his son Johann Jr. made his debut as a composer of waltzes and other dances and became his father’s competitor. Strauss Sr. became jealous of his son and refused to play at Dommayor’s Casino where he had played many times, and where his son made his debut. In 1848 Johann Strauss Sr. composed his most famous orchestral piece called the Radetzky March (which was dedicated to Austrian Field Marshal Radetzky.) Whenever this piece was played the soldiers would clap and stomp their feet. Today in Vienna that tradition has continued and people clap and stomp their feet whenever the piece is played.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott is an English organist and pianist. He has travelled all over Europe and Asia playing the organ, and also performs with his brother Tom Scott (a pianist) as part of the Scott Brothers Duo. He has a very popular YouTube channel where he plays his own organ arrangements and well known organ pieces. His brother Tom (when he isn’t performing with his brother Jonathan) does an excellent job making attractive videos of the organs and churches where Jonathan plays in his videos. Here is an organ arrangement by Jonathan Scott of Johann Strauss Sr’s Radetzky March. I hope that you enjoy it.


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