Welcome to my Musical Treats Blog

Hello dear blog visitors.  Welcome to my blog Musical Treats.  Here you will find posts featuring well known classical and jazz musicians, composers known and not very well known, and performances and recordings of extraordinary musicians that are known and not very well known.  I hope that you will find the posts interesting and educational and will visit my blog often.

I have posted some of my own recordings in the music streaming service Spotify as Robert Jan Dukarm. Thank you for listening.

Here is a recording of Buxtehude’s Prelude in C major, BuxWV 137 played by me, Robert Jan Dukarm on the organ at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria BC, Canada. I hope that you enjoy it.

If you wish to know more about me, please visit my Bandcamp page:  robertjandukarm.bandcamp.com  for my bio and to listen to and/or purchase my recordings.  I am in YouTube Music as Robert Jan Dukarm and have a YouTube channel with demo recordings of myself (playing solo and with other people) playing violin, piano, and organ pieces: http://www.youtube.com/user/rjdukarm/videos


Thank you for your interest.

Robert Jan Dukarm


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