La Cumparsita – Hassan Sharara (violin), Emad Hamdy (guitar)

The tango La Cumparsita was composed by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez (1897-1948) in 1916.  Lyrics were written by Pascual Contursi and Enrique Pedro Maroni.  It is one of the most famous tangos.  the piece began its life as a march.  After it was written, Rodriguez had his friend Manuel Barca show it to orchestral leader Roberto Firpo.  Firpo decided to turn the piece into a tango.  It was named the cultural and popular anthem of Uruguay in 1997.

Here is La Cumparsita (in tango form) played by two Arabic musicians at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt.  The musicians are Hassan Sharara and Emad Hamdy.  They arranged the piece for violin and guitar.  Sharara plays the violin and Hamdy plays the guitar. I hope that you enjoy this music!