Yehudi Menuhin/Stephane Grappelli “Crazy Rhythm” and “Sweet Georgia Brown”

Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli’s collaboration began in 1970. A few years before that Yehudi Menuhin heard Stephane Grappelli’s jazz violin for the first time after a friend gave him some Grappelli recordings. He liked what he heard and a meeting was arranged between Grappelli and Menuhin. In the beginning Menuhin (a classically trained violinist) worried that Grapelli (a jazz violinist) would be critical of his playing because he couldn’t improvise and Grappelli worried that Menuhin would be critical of his technical abilities on the violin. That discomfort soon went away when they began playing together. Menuhin was amazed how Grappelli could improvise with such ease, and Grappelli respected Menuhin’s playing and even had some solos written out for Menuhin so that they could play together. Their collaboration was so successful that they recorded 6 LPs together. Here are a couple of recordings of Grappelli and Menuhin. The first piece is called Crazy Rhythm and the second is a jazz standard called Sweet Georgia Brown. I hope that you enjoy this music.


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