Swing Gitan – Angelo Debarre (guitar), Florin Niculescu (violin)

Swing Gitan  (Gypsy swing) is a popular “gypsy jazz” tune.  Here is a recording of Swing Gitan played by Angelo Debarre (a French Romani “gypsy jazz” guitarist) and Florin Niculescu (a Romanian gypsy “gypsy jazz” violinist).

Angelo Debarre is one of the top “gypsy jazz” guitarists in the world.  In 1984 Angelo founded the Angelo Debarre Quintet.  In 1985 the group was hired to play in a Parisian cafe and Angelo was discovered by a record producer and guitar player Jon Larsen.

Florin Niculescu is a Romanian gypsy “gypsy jazz” violinist.  He is one of the top “gypsy jazz” violinists.  Many musicians consider him to be the successor to Stephane Grappelli (another great “gypsy jazz” violinist who played with Django Reinhardt and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France).  In 2001, Florin Niculescu teamed up with Birelli Lagrene (a great “gypsy jazz” guitarist).  He has played with many big names including Angelo Debarre, Tchavolo Schmidt, Oscar Peterson, Regina Carter, and Wynton Marsalis.