Music for Trumpet and Pipe Organ

Here is some music for trumpet and pipe organ.  It was written during the baroque period (1600-1750).  Here is a recording of some English Masque dances.  A masque was a form of entertainment developed in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.  A masque involved poetry, music, and elaborate sets.  Here are some tunes from a masque composed in 1600.  The trumpet is played by the Swiss trumpet virtuoso Markus Wursch.  Peter Solomon is the organist.  The performance was recorded at the Catholic church in Stans, Switzerland.  Enjoy.

Here is another recording of the first movement of a Sinfonia by Allessandro Scarlatti for trumpet and organ.  The trumpet is played by Markus Wursch and the organ is played by Peter Solomon.  The performance was recorded in the Catholic church in Stans, Switzerland.  Enjoy.