Dietrich Buxtehude/ Fuga – Ton Koopman (organ)

Dietrich Buxtehude (1637/39 – 1707)Buxtehude was a Danish organist and composer. Buxtehude was well known during his lifetime as an organ virtuoso.He lived during the middle baroque period.  He composed pieces for organ and harpsichord, church music, and until the early twentieth century was known primarily as a keyboard composer.  Over 100 vocal compositions by Buxtehude survive.  His style of composition influenced many composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach (who travelled more than 400 kilometres to meet Buxtehude, hear some of his choral music, and hear him play the organ).

Ton Koopman (born in 1944) is a  Dutch organist, harpsichordist, and musicologist.  He is known around the world as one of the leading musicians in the early music movement.  He regularly performs around the world with his orchestra and choir, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and choir, performs organ recitals (he came to Victoria BC in May of 2014 to perform an organ recital and I got to turn pages for him), and works with many of the world’s leading orchestras and ensembles.

Here is a recording of Ton Koopman playing the little Gig Fugue on a small chamber organ.  This piece is a delight to listen to and a lot of fun to play.  Enjoy!


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