Lionel Hampton – Bossa Nova Jazz

Lionel Hampton (1908-2002)

Lionel Hampton was an American vibraphone player, pianist, percussionist, band leader, and actor. He was one of the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century. Throughout his career Lionel Hampton played with many of the jazz greats including Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Charlie parker, and Quincey Jones.

Here is an album of Bossa Novas performed by Lionel Hampton and a group of jazz musicians. Bossa Nova is a fusion of the samba and jazz. It was developed in the 1950s and 1960s and became widely popular. Enjoy!


Stuff Smith – You’se A Viper

Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith (1909-1967)

Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith, best known as Stuff Smith was an American jazz violinist. Stuff Smith was one of the great jazz violinists of the swing era (along with Stephane Grappelli, Eddie South, Svend Asmussen, and Joe Venuti). During his career, Stuff Smith worked with several great jazz musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Coleman Hawkins. Stuff Smith, like Louis Armstrong was a vocalist as well as an instrumentalist. It was Louis Armstrong who inspired and influenced Stuff Smith to play jazz.

One of the songs that Stuff Smith was well known for is “You’se A Viper.” Here is a recording of that song with Stuff Smith singing and playing the violin. Enjoy!

Gabriel Faure – Cantique de Jean Racine op.11

Gabriel Faure (1845=1924)

Gabriel Faure was a French organist, composer, and teacher. He is known for his Requiem in d minor, op 48, his Pavane, and is widely regarded as the greatest master of French art song.

The Cantique de Jean Racine op.11 was written by Gabriel Faure when he was 19 years old. Faure won first prize from the École Niedermeyer de Paris (a school for studying church music). The piece was originally written for choir with piano or organ accompaniment. In 1906 a version of the piece was done for choir and orchestra (possibly by the composer himself). John Rutter wrote an arrangement of the piece for choir, strings, and harp.

Here is a recording of the Cantique de Jean Racine op.11 for choir, strings, and harp. The choir singing in this recording is the Cambridge Singers. Unfortunately I was not able to find a suitable recording of the piece done by a choir with organ accompaniment. I hope you enjoy this recording.

George Onslow – Piano Trio Op. 27

George Onslow (1784-1853)

George Onslow was a French composer and cellist of English descent. His music bridges the gap between the classical and romantic periods.

George Onslow composed a large body of chamber music. There are over 70 string quartets, some string quintets, and ten piano trios. George Onslow also composed four symphonies and four operas.

His music was popular in Germany and England during his lifetime. After his death, George Onslow went into obscurity. It is only in recent years that his music has begun to resurface.

Here is a recording of the Piano Trio, op.27 by George Onslow. It is played by a group called the Trio Cascades. The musicians are Thomas Palm (piano), Katrina Schulz (violin), and Inka Ehlert (cello).