James Scott piano rags

James Scott (1885-1938)

James Scott was an African-American composer of ragtime music.  He is one of the major ragtime composers and pianists along with Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb.

Scott’s piano rags use a wide range of the keyboard and a melody is often stated and then repeated higher up on the keyboard in a “call and response” style.

Here are two of James Scott’s piano rags.  Unfortunately I do not know who is performing the rags because the person who posted the clip on youtube did not list the name of the pianist.  Enjoy!

(James Scott – The Great Scott Rag)

(James Scott- Ragtime Oriole)


Luiz Bonfa – Manha de Carnaval – The Rosenberg Trio

Luiz Bonfa (1922-2001)

Luiz Bonfa was a Brazilian guitarist and composer.  He is known for the music he wrote for the film Black Orpheus.  He helped to bring Brazilian music to the world stage.

Here is a composition called Manha de Carnaval.  It is a bossa nova (a lyrical fusion of a samba and jazz).  Bossa novas were developed and popularized in the 1950s and 1960s.   It is played by the Rosenberg Trio (a solo guitar, rhythm guitar, and string bass).  Enjoy!