James Scott piano rags

James Scott (1885-1938)

James Scott was an African-American composer of ragtime music.  He is one of the major ragtime composers and pianists along with Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb.

Scott’s piano rags use a wide range of the keyboard and a melody is often stated and then repeated higher up on the keyboard in a “call and response” style.

Here are two of James Scott’s piano rags.  Unfortunately I do not know who is performing the rags because the person who posted the clip on youtube did not list the name of the pianist.  Enjoy!

(James Scott – The Great Scott Rag)

(James Scott- Ragtime Oriole)


Luiz Bonfa – Manha de Carnaval – The Rosenberg Trio

Luiz Bonfa (1922-2001)

Luiz Bonfa was a Brazilian guitarist and composer.  He is known for the music he wrote for the film Black Orpheus.  He helped to bring Brazilian music to the world stage.

Here is a composition called Manha de Carnaval.  It is a bossa nova (a lyrical fusion of a samba and jazz).  Bossa novas were developed and popularized in the 1950s and 1960s.   It is played by the Rosenberg Trio (a solo guitar, rhythm guitar, and string bass).  Enjoy!

John Field- Nocturne no. 5 B Flat Major Andantino

John Field (1782-1837)

John Field was an Irish composer and piano virtuoso.  His Nocturnes inspired Chopin.

Here is a recording of John Field’s Nocturne no.5 in B Flat Major played by the Irish pianist John O’Connor.  John O’ Connor has performed in many recitals and has played with many of the world’s top orchestras.  Enjoy!