Dussek- piano sonata no.24 op.61 f sharp minor

Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)

Jan Ladislav Dussek was a Bohemian pianist and composer.  He composed over 40 piano sonatas, 12 piano concertos, some lighter piano pieces, harp music, and chamber music (most chamber music works of his include the piano).  Dussek also wrote a keyboard method.  His early compositions are written in a classical style.  Dussek’s later compositions after 1790 are romantic in style and anticipate Schubert, Chopin, and other composers.  His later works are especially virtuosic.

Here is a recording of Dussek’s Piano Sonata no.24, op.61 in f sharp minor.  The piece is in three movements.  It is played on a fortepiano (an early piano).  This piece is written in a romantic style.  Notice all of the emotional turmoil (sudden loud outbursts, surprising modulations, and the use of distant keys).  The key of the piece is  f sharp minor which was not used much in Dussek’s time.  The second movement of the piece is in G Flat Major which is a key not used much back in Dussek’s time.  In the final movement the piece modulates from f sharp minor to F Sharp Major which is unusual.  Enjoy!

Dussek: Piano Sonata (first movement)

Dussek: Piano Sonata (end of first movement and 2nd movement)

Dussek: Piano Sonata (third movement)




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