Michel Chapuis Improvisation of Prelude and Fugue

Michel Chapuis (1930 – )

Michel Chapuis is a well known French organist and pedagogue.  He studied organ with Marcel Dupre (who was one of the most famous organists of the 20th century, a fine teacher, and one of the greatest extemporizers of all time).  Michel Chapuis is renowned for his interpretations of French baroque and German baroque music.

Here is a recording of Michel Chapuis improvising a prelude and fugue in stylus phantasticus (a style of music that North German organists invented.  The music is full of sudden virtuosic flourishes and it is almost like a written out improvisation).  The prelude and fugue that Michel Chapuis is playing here is in a style similar to that of the North German organists during the baroque period.

The recording begins at 0:40.  Enjoy!

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