Lekeu Violin Sonata

Guillaume Lekeu (1870-1894) Was a Belgian composer.  He was born in Heusy, Belgium (a small village in Belgium).  It was there that Guillaume took his first music lessons in piano from the conductor of the local conservatory brass band, Alphonse Voss.

Lekeu’s family moved to Poitiers, France in 1879 and he continued to study music with his physics teacher.  Under this teacher he learnt about the music of J.S. Bach  and Beethoven.

He wrote his first composition when he was 15 years old.

Lekeu studied music composition with Cesar Franck and Vincent d’Indy (two very important composers).

Lekeu composed about 50 compositions.  Unfortunately most of his works are incomplete.  Among his most important compositions are a violin sonata (commissioned by the great violinist Eugene Ysaye), and an orchestral Fantasy.  He also composed several works for piano.

Here is a beautiful recording of Lekeu’s Violin Sonata played by Jonathan Morton on violin, and Carole Presland on the piano.  Enjoy!

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